Good old Blog, we knew him well...

Eulogy for a Blog.  A must read over at Copyblogger

Blog’s life was tragically cut short at a very young age. I’m saddened to say, he never really hit his stride or had the chance to grow up to enjoy what might have been his prime.  When Blog was born he was full of hope and vigour. He dreamed of being an educator. He loved having an audience, though our friend Blog had to settle for a very small one...


If this, then that.

"If this, then that"  shortens to ifttt, and that's all you need to remember because this amazingly simple yet powerful service can automate just about anything else, from backing up your photos on Facebook to sending you text message reminders of upcoming appointments. 

Use ifttt to create "recipes" of automation—no code or scripting required—and kiss your worries goodbye...It's a free website and service that lets you automate simple tasks in your digital life...

The most amazing thing about ifttt is how simple it is to use. You might assume that these commands... would require some programming know-how—but they don't.

Logging On!


It turns out that thousands of years of chopping wood was a waste of time. The amazing Spruce Stove burns an entire tree, a little bit at a time, to keep your home warm. It’s brilliant design allows you to slide a tree slowly into the stove cylinder and close a circular door around the log keeping the flames in and the burning controlled. As as each section of the log burns, you push a little more in the fire.

You'd need a BIG house and a few burly guys for this log fire. I'll stick to my gas central heating.  


Great design. Shame about the lighting.

How many people does it take to change a light bulb in the roof inside Heathrow airport's Terminal 5? Nobody really knows because it has never been done. The departures concourse of the £4.3 billion terminal, which was designed by British architect Lord Richard Rogers, has become increasingly dark since it opened in 2008 as 60 per cent of the down lights fitted to the ceiling have blown.

But none have been replaced yet because of an incredible oversight meaning there is no safe and easy way to get up to change the bulbs

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