Blog Revamp

Having a major revamp here. I've been using Squarespace 5 since early 2004 and I need to get to grips with the new Squarespace 6 platform. I've chosen the "Five" template, by Eric Anderson, as a starting point.  

I know single column sites are all the rage at the moment but I'm going back to sidebars.  I think they are much more useful for a blog. And they look good on this template. The search link isn't working at the moment because of the way I had to set it up previously. I'm in no great rush. After prolific blogging for several years I more or less gave up a couple of years ago and used Twitter a lot.  I hate Twitter now. It is so different from when it first appeared and I need to rethink just how I want to use it, if at all. 


 There is an opening for a different sort of social network. Facebook stinks, Tumblr is mostly a giant porn site and Twitter is full of celebs and idiot trolls abusing people. Pinterest is good, if you don't mind that it's stuffed with recipes, fashion and home-making tips; but then it is overwhelmingly used by women! 

On with the redesign... 


Warren Zevon - Gone 10 years

Great piece in the Guardian about one of my musical heroes.  

Warren Zevon, who died a decade ago this September at the far-too-premature age of 56, was a singer, a songwriter and one of the great under-appreciated talents in modern America. But he could also be, as his friends, family and lovers will quickly tell you, a pain in the ass. He was at times intimidating, self-destructive, aloof. “He had tonnes of charisma, but when he didn’t want people coming up to him, he had charisma in reverse,” his ex-wife Crystal Zevon remembers.

As a father, he was largely absent until his son and daughter were adults: “He had no language for dealing with children. As a teenager, I was angry that he wasn’t there for me as a kid, angry at him for mistreating my mom,” says his and Crystal’s daughter, Ariel. And when he was drinking, he was almost unbearable: erratic, violent, emotionally absent, impossible.

The rotten side of the NHS

In an interview on BBC radio, Care QualityCommission chairman David Prior described the allegation that his organisation covered up failings as "shocking".
But perhaps the truly most shocking element of all this is that we are not really that surprised.
The findings laid bare by consultants Grant Thornton on Wednesday confirms something that is becoming clearer and clearer as the months go by: that the in the early part of the 21st century a rotten culture developed in the NHS that put the self-interest ahead of patients.
In short, the NHS stopped caring.
Peter Walsh, of the patient group Action Against Medical Accidents, says while it is pleasing the NHS is admitting it has a problem, he is still not sure the systems being put in place are "robust or proactive" enough to deal with problems when they happen.
"I am not confident we have the right systems in place, the regulatory system is still not simple enough."

It's not about having the right systems, it's about having the right PEOPLE. As has been shown time and time again. 

Families condemn 'rotten' NHS cover-up over 16 baby deaths at Morecambe Bay as data protection stops culprits being named. Daily Mail


Most borrowed book in Parliament

It offers tips on how to ‘doughnut’ - or surround a speaker in Parliament in order to create the impression on television that the session is well-attended - and how to prevent a political career from derailing a marriage.

Chapter titles include “How to convince voters that the MP never stops working”, “How to dilute boredom”, “How to Climb the Greasy Pole” and “How to write an Abusive Letter”.


It says of IPSA, the expenses watchdog loathed by many Members: "It should be humanely put down, buried under a slab of concrete never to rise again from its dishonoured grave. But until that happens, you'll just have to live with it."

A chapter towards the end of the book gives advice on “How to be Ennobled.”

In the foreword Speaker John Bercow “thoroughly recommends” the book.

Source: Daily Telegraph