Illogical and irrational

Lib Dem assassins: I’m sorry, they haven’t a clue

Stepping up to prove what I suggested yesterday, that most political commentators talk out of their arses, comes Tim Hames in The Times today. According to this political sage, dumping Ming was 'logical but irrational'.  The Lib-Dems have now rushed into a leadership contest and Hames: 
"cannot avoid the conclusion that they should have waited for Christmas, by which time it would have been clearer if what has taken place in the polls is a blip or, at a minimum, there might be more of an explanation for why they have been battered."
Ah yes, I see, that would allow them time to assess what it is about them that the voters don't like  so they can better choose a suitable candidate. Sounds reasonable enough? But, hang on:
"Despite that, there is only one direction that the Liberal Democrats can and should take to limit the damage of this debacle. Nick Clegg is so plainly the superior contender for the post that, if he does not win, the party will have opted for collective suicide after committing two murders."
Such clarity of thinking. Such perceptive analysis. You can see why the MSM boys are so dismissive of bloggers can't you.