Overarm, overkill

Woolmer murdered, expert insists

Admitting you got it wrong is never easy but I can't help feeling Dr Ere Shesiah is trying a little too hard here:
A Jamaican government pathologist who conducted Bob Woolmer's autopsy has maintained his view that the Pakistan cricket coach was murdered. Dr Ere Shesiah's findings prompted a global murder inquiry and speculation about corruption and match-fixing. But the inquiry was dropped after three independent experts (and MrP!) said Mr Woolmer died of natural causes.

"I stand by my findings that Mr Woolmer was strangled and, based upon additional information which I received, he was also poisoned," he said. He said the poison used was cypermethrin which caused "salivation, vomiting, diarrhoea and muscular incoordination" and that this may have explained the disarray in Woolmer's room when he was found.
Maybe...if his room had been covered in gob, puke and shit.