What's in a name?

I'm bored, tired and fed up with reading blogs and news.

It's OK, it will pass, but in the meantime I have to amuse myself somehow. Now that I've given up drugs and cut down on booze there isn't much left which doesn't require some sort of effort (an important limitation as far as I'm concerned). Thank goodness for internet shopping and in particular the harmless and  inexpensive hobby of domain name buying.


At the moment I'm checking out the .in domain. Of course, all the best ones have been snapped up  and it takes a little imagination to get something memorable. I played around with a few but in the end I decided on '4sk.in' - oh, how absolutely juvenile! Ha ha!

The trouble is deciding what, if anything, to do with the names once I've got them. I got 'Pissed-Up-Aberdeen.com' in order to present a gallery of pictures showing shop doorways and the corners of buildings which have suffered the ravages of  Aberdonian urination over the years. But, as yet, I haven't uploaded any images. And I haven't done anything with 'ThisCrappyTown.com either.

Then there was the period when Tim Ireland and I had a little run-in and I got hold of BloggerKnobhead.com as well as BlogShite.com and BlogBollocks.com (amongst others) and then we kissed and made up. Bah! If Guido ever decides to use his real name and wants a top level domain he can make me an offer for 'PaulStaines.com'. And if you are thinking of launching a clone of MySpace I've got just the domain for you - 'myohmyohmyspace.com'. And there are plenty more where those came from.

Well, it's cheaper and safer than snorting Charlie, just not nearly so much fun :(