They call the police in - when it suits them

Police called in to hunt for Labour mole as donations leak rocks party

The police were called in to uncover a mole at the heart of the Scottish Labour Party last night in a new twist to the Wendy Alexander illegal donations row. There is fury among senior Labour figures that someone with access to confidential information has been leaking it to the press and causing massive damage to the party.

Last night, two Labour peers went to the police in an attempt to close the net around the insider who has been passing material to the press. Lord Maxton, with the support of Baroness Adams, wrote to the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police claiming that the document had been stolen from the Scottish Labour Party and calling for an investigation. Lord Maxton said that, as he had given less than £1,000, he had a right to remain anonymous, but this right had been blown away by newspapers which "published details from a leaked or stolen document".