HH wins

Harman wins deputy leader contest
Harriet Harman is the new deputy leader of the Labour Party, after a seven-week contest to replace John Prescott.

The 56-year-old justice minister pipped favourite Alan Johnson and four other MPs to win the ballot of party and union members, Labour MPs and MEPs.

She got 50.4% of votes to Mr Johnson's 49.6% after all the other contestants' second preferences were reallocated.

UPDATE: She doesn't appear to be from the right stock for some people.
As Tim Worstall reminds us, the niece of the late Countess of Longford has just been elected to the deputy leadership of the Labour Party. She defeated a former postman who was orphaned at 12 and left school at 15. Up the workers!
For fuck's sake, we had that great example from the working class, John Prescott, for ten years. Not, I believe, even remotely connected to the aristocracy, just a complete bloody twat.