Tel on Dawkins

Terry Eagleton : Lunging, Flailing, Mispunching
Reading Dawkins, who occasionally writes as though ‘Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness’ is a mighty funny way to describe a Grecian urn, one can be reasonably certain that he would not be Europe’s greatest enthusiast for Foucault, psychoanalysis, agitprop, Dadaism, anarchism or separatist feminism. All of these phenomena, one imagines, would be as distasteful to his brisk, bloodless rationality as the virgin birth.

Sounds fine by me.

Via Normblog (note: the Eagleton article in the LRB is available without subscription) where you can also follow the little Eagleton-related disagreement between Norm and Damian 'supergrass' Counsell of Pootergeek.

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