Log jam

I'm not one for checking my stats every 2 minutes. I usually only ever see them when I need to go under the hood at my Squarespace CMS. But today I needed to edit something in the sidebar and spotted that my unique hits were less than half what they usually are. The stats analysis was unavailable so I couldn't investigate further. I've just managed to get into the system and it shows no activity since 7am!  For some reason the system just stopped recording at breakfast time. There is nothing flagged up about it so I think I'll send support a heads-up.

As much as I like to convince myself that the numbers aren't important my heart did sink a bit when I saw the figures earlier today. What did I say? Come back? I love you all!  I admit to being relieved when I discovered it was actually a counting hitch. Phew!

I still love you all. Honest!  ;-))