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SproutBuilder: You've Got to See This Drag and Drop Widget Maker

SproutBuilder is going to explode the world of widgets on the web. This is far and away my favorite product I've seen at DEMO, not just this year but ever in the three years I've attended. The product is a drag-and-drop Flash authoring tool built on Adobe's Flex. SproutBuilder lets you build very sophisticated, multi-page widgets with media, analytics and more. In minutes. With ease.

Sprout is a cool , quick and easy way to build multimedia content and publish it anywhere in a form that can then be copied and spread by others. Add and mash up content and use the available templates or design your own. Then manage your 'Sprout' easily so that any changes are updated immediately at every location. Check out the short video on the Sprout site and then request a beta invitation. Seems a little flaky at the moment and I think the UI could be a lot more intuitive but it's early days and it IS, after all, a beta!