Mediocre creeps in shiny suits

William Bowles:  The world is run by sleazy creeps with a license to print money
Have you noticed that whenever we see/hear a corporate boss or government hack open their mouths, they’re invariably no more than mediocre creeps in shiny suits? Either, they’re trying to worm their way out of their role in the latest disaster to befall us or, they’re peddling some twaddle intended to obfiscate, confuse or just plain lie about events and their causes and of course, their role in it.

And it stretches across every sector of business and government, from agriculture to telecoms. Under ‘New Labour’ all kinds of ‘regulatory’ bodies have been created (or they’re revamps of existing ones). But it’s all smoke and mirrors, window-dressed by creepy PR and marketing sleazoids. In reality, these ‘regulatory’ bodies are no more than rubber stamps for Big Business.