US Tanks heading for Moscow?

Robert Kagan: Washington Post Today.


Vladimir Putin, the aspiring dictator of Russia, has forced President Bush to reveal how committed he really is to the cause of democracy around the world.

Putin's decision on Monday to end the system of direct popular election of Russia's governors, and to have the Russian parliament elected on the basis of slates chosen by national party leaders he mostly controls, is an unambiguous step toward tyranny in Russia. It cannot be justified as part of the war on terrorism. Putin has had these plans ready for months. He is cynically using the horrific terrorist attack in Beslan as his excuse. A White House official commented to the New York Times that Putin's actions are "a domestic matter for the Russian people."

A domestic matter eh? Not like Iraq then. So there'll be no invasion of Russia,no pulling down of statues in Red Square. But then Russia doesn't have weapons of mass destru........SHIT !