The whine approaching platform 2 is...

Thanks to Dave Weeden for pointing me to this:  Euston Manifesto :

Wherever two or more decent lefties are gathered a self-important whinge will ensue. 
The Euston Manifesto is only a preliminary step. It is a work in progress - its purpose is to establish a position around which we hope others will rally and to generate a debate more fruitful than much of what has lately taken place.
Good job one or two academics are on board,
there's (re) education to be done;
Part of the problem with much contemporary left-liberal opinion is that too many things that should be obvious in the light of the history of the past hundred years seem not to be so.
Hang on!
How did this bit of anti-Blairite comment get in?...
We hope that this manifesto will serve as an encouragement to others who, like ourselves, believe that some of the most important values of a progressive politics have lately been lost sight of, subordinated to wrong-headed political priorities and insubstantial tactical considerations.
Oh, my mistake. That wasn't about New Labour.
Blimey, now they're having a go at Bush...
In keeping with our traditions, we on the left fight for justice and a decent life for all. In keeping with the same traditions, we have also to fight against powerful forces of tyranny, which are on the march again.
Right on man. Get rid of the shithead and his cron...

Er, no, that wasn't about Bush. Boy, I'm getting confused here.

Anyway, nuke 'em, that's what I say.
Democracy, man! Yeah! Freedom bro! Right on!
Er, I mean (decent) Left On! 
Yeah, what he said! 
I may be retired baby, but I still gots plenty of  man-er- fest-o in me.

Same time next week then chaps?  I'll bring the sandwiches.

They have a website.

Update: James Hamilton the hypnotherapist and sometime blogger  has  emailed me to tell me that he has nothing to do with this lot.  I got the wrong James Hamilton, slapped wrist, but I'm glad to hear that he is well and was nowhere near the Euston pub when the Manifesto crew where there.

James Hamilton has emailed again to say it WAS him. I misunderstood. I must be losing the plot.