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John Newsinger - Campbell's blood money
Soon after he had accompanied Tony Blair on his famous journey across the world to Hayman Island to pledge allegiance to Rupert Murdoch’s business interests, Alastair Campbell had a meeting with his former mentor, Neil Kinnock...It is worth quoting Kinnock’s diatribe (as reported by Campbell, of course) at length: ’Oh Margaret Thatcher, not too bad you know, not such a bad person, quite radical, and of course you had to admire her determination and her leadership—that’s what the fucking leader says.’ ‘Now, now’, I said, trying to calm things… 'Don’t 'now, now' me. I’ll fucking tell him—too radical my arse. That woman fucking killed people… He’s sold out before he’s even got there...he’s totally sold out. And for what? What are we FOR? It won’t matter if we win, the bankers and the stockbrokers have got us already by the fucking balls, laughing their heads off’.

... What is interesting is that Kinnock’s critique was absolutely spot on—with one important exception. He could not possibly have imagined that Blair, ably assisted by Campbell, and with Kinnock’s own acquiescence, would go on to kill considerably more people than Thatcher.