End of YouTube as we know it?

YouTube rolls out filtering tools
Video site YouTube is launching filtering tools to clamp down on the sharing of video without permission. The tools, called Video Identification, will block copyright material from appearing and spreading on the site. The firm says it currently removes copyright works when it has been told of their existence on the website.

The new tools, which are being tested, also give copyright owners the chance to leave their video on the service and to sell advertising around the content. Google and YouTube began working on the copyright protection technology six months ago and have partnered with Walt Disney and Time Warner in testing the tools.
It's only a matter of time before big business completely takes over the web. Already it is massive companies like Google who dominate. They will partner with other big concerns who have not, up to now, been able to gain an internet presence. Forget about posting a snippet from your favourite TV show or rock concert. We'll be left with phone camera recordings of girls getting their tits out or lipsynching to some awful pop music. Get downloading your favourite YouTube videos now!

I prefer to host my own videos, I get greater control over their appearance and I know they won't suddenly disappear one day. If Viacom want to sue me so be it. I also always download any videos I'm interested in from YouTube so that I have a permanent copy. Of course peer to peer exchanges will continue so for the serious web user things will remain pretty much the same. But for most web users  the future will increasingly consist of control of content, heavy advertising and extra costs.

In the end it's all about money. I've lived through this sort of thing before. It was called the sixties. Oh how we were going to change everything. Sharing and caring, rock shops and co-ops. Bullshit! Where did it end up? With Felix Denni$ writing about his private jet and his luxury home in the Caribbean  in his book 'How to Get Rich'.  Counter culture!  Counter culture!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!