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Jackie Danicki - And you think Americans are prudish

I think I've been blocked by Ms Danicki. Oooh how exciting! I'll have to post my comments on her latest drivel here. Ms Danicki has discovered this pathetic piece about Terry Wogan's lunchbox-sighting on Points of View which she says caused a 'furore'.

What makes her think we are prudish? What makes her think there was a furore? The only place this story appeared was in The Daily Mail. The story refers to a 'flurry of complaints'.  There are 35 messages on the Points Of view messageboard.  One of them (the one that the Mail quotes, surprise, surprise) is vaguely critical. The other 34 are jokey comments made mostly by Tel's supporters.

Prudish? Furore? I think not. A non-story in the MSM becomes a non-story on a blog. Is there anything sadder? Well, yes there is now that you mention it. It's Danicki's own comment:
I think I have a little crush on Terry Wogan now. He’s not well-endowed, but he’s got a great attitude about all this. One balances out the other, then you add his millions and I’d possibly go there.
So there we have it. Ms Danicki's opinion on the size of Terry Wogan's knob together with an insight into her criteria for assessing the attractiveness of men:

Small cock+no money+poor attitude=Fuck off

Small cock+great attitude+money=Fuck me

Big cock+great attitude+money=Fuck me now, big boy.

Ah, blogging at it's finest.

Ms Danicki has emailed to say: Sorry, I only allow comments from those with a sense of irony. Please re-apply soon! :-D

I missed the irony?!!  Shit, I must be losing my touch. Can anyone help me find it? It must be in there somewhere!
This is her entire post:

The furore over Terry Wogan’s “revealing” trousers is hilarious. Good for him for not apologizing!
Nope, sorry, just can't seem to spot it. I've looked really hard. No, can't see it anywhere. Are you sure you meant irony?