Brown makes decision Cameron doesn't like. OMG! is this what politics has come to?

And the problem with that is what exactly?
With over two years left before an election is required Brown decides he's not taking any chances just now thank you very much and for this we are supposed to consider his judgement 'suspect'. WTF! It would have been the height of political ineptitude and stupidity to have called an election without feeling confident of victory. Cameron doesn't like that. Tough! It's called politics old boy.

Of course Cameron is miffed, even he must know that it takes more than a speech without notes and a promise to raise the Inheritance Tax threshold to make his position as leader secure. Did he really transform himself from 'dead in the water' to 'great white hope' in the space of 69 minutes? Short answer, no! And when the waves die down Cameron will be spotted floating belly up on the surface exactly where he was a couple of weeks ago.