Forget the textbooks, watch more TV!

Doctor saw princess 'still alive'
The first doctor on the scene of Princess Diana's fatal Paris crash thought she would survive, her inquest has heard. Richard Keen QC, representing the family of Henri Paul, asked him: "Do you remember saying that you thought the lady you had treated would survive?" He answered: "Yes, I said that." He could not judge the extent of the Princess' internal injuries, he said. "I did not have any way to make any precise diagnosis," he said. "I did not have the equipment to take the blood pressure so my supposition of diagnosis was the head injury but I had to suspect something serious."

OK, so the guy was a doctor, but was he an avid fan of Trauma? Not the silly drama thingy but 'Trauma - Life in the ER', the brilliant Discovery Channel documentary series. Clearly not. Otherwise he would have known that Princess Diana had almost certainly suffered a massive internal deceleration injury, probably a torn aorta or a seriouly damaged heart, and had very little hope of survival. Any chance she might have had would have depended on getting her on the operating table as soon as possible and that didn't happen.

You see, medical training is all very well but is it a substitute for watching TV? Well, I think I've made my point pretty clearly.