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McCanns to face neglect charges

Well, not really. Some silly old duffer is attempting to bring a private prosecution for neglect against the McCanns. Retired solicitor and former prospective UKIP candidate, (nuff said) Anthony Bennett, said he hoped the case would now be taken up by the Attorney General or the Crown Prosecution Service. Mr Bennett alleges the McCanns were guilty of neglect under Section 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. I can tell you now, with utter certainty, he doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of getting anywhere with this. And he's wrong. There is nothing in the act to suggest that what they did was illegal.

But what I really want to know is why he's doing this. He claims that it's to deter parents from leaving their children unattended but let's just examine what's happened. A middle-class professional couple on holiday in a safe, child-friendly holiday resort have had their young daughter abducted and very likely raped and murdered. What do you think will be uppermost in the minds of any other parents thinking about popping down the local tapas bar and leaving their little ones tucked up in bed one evening, the prospect of a repeat of what happened to Madelaine McCann or the possibility of a private prosecution from an attention seeking old twat like Anthony Bennett?

And if you really want to depress yourself, read some of the comments.

Oh, and of course that despicable cunt John Hirst (the only UK blogger to have battered a woman to death and the darling of several left-wing bloggers) is jumping up and down with delight as he adds this story to the collection of sickening posts he has already published about the McCanns. (If he had killed my mother the little shit would be writing his blog posts by blowing and sucking through a plastic tube.)