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Weblog Awards, Web Gerrymandering, and a bloke called Neil Clark (who?)  - The Wardman Wire
A Mr “Neil Clark” has won the best UK weblog award. I’m hearing from bloggers for whom I have some respect (but don’t necessarily agree with) that he was running a pretty questionable campaign to win the 2007 award.
Jeez. Considering most people think Neil Clark is a cunt, and that the weblog award was meaningless (well, at least to those that even new what it was) there seems to be rather a lot of fuss being made about his win. I've consistently said, for years, that ALL weblog awards are bollocks. This Wizbang one is particularly meaningless. The nomination process is opaque and the voting system is risible. Added to that is the tiny number of voters who actually take part in the Best UK Blog category and you have an utterly irrelevant award. But it's no more meaningless this year because Clark won it than it was when Belmont Club, Norman Geras or EUReferendum won it in the past. To talk of Gerrymandering (sic) and a 'questionable campaign' is to elevate this nonsense to the level of a presidential election.

It's just a bit of fun. I followed it, rather hoping that the football girl would win rather than Iain Dale but in the end Clark won and I was the first to congratulate him. So what? I'm a fascist now?  Grow up!

If Mr Clarke wants to feel chuffed about his win and believes that it indicates some sort of grand victory for the British working classes who are we to spoil his moment of joy? More to the point who fucking cares? Oh, and why suddenly is Oliver (write the feem toon, sing the feem toon) Kamm being elevated to the position of victim because Clark once made a pathetic attempt to sue him?

There are more important things happening in the world than this poxy web competition. For fuck's sake, move on!