Lordy, lordy

Blue-blooded and green
There is something irritating - actually, let's not beat around the bush - there is something monumentally infuriating about rich people telling the masses that they should live more meekly. Yet the British environmental movement is stacked with the guilt-ridden sons and daughters of superwealthy businessmen and the old aristocracy, who think nothing of telling the great unwashed that they should stop taking holidays abroad, stop shopping in supermarkets, and stop being so bloody greedy.

In the past, fabulously wealthy priests, adorned in purple silks and wearing glittering gold rings, told the mass of the population that they should be glad that they're poor since poverty and hardship are virtues. Today, fabulously wealthy environmentalists, adorned in organic cotton denim and hemp based pullovers, tell us that we should live humbly in order to save the planet from the furious hellfire of global warming.