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'Muhammad' teddy teacher arrested
A British schoolteacher has been arrested in Sudan accused of insulting Islam's Prophet, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad..The naming of the teddy happened months ago and was chosen by the children because it is a common name in the country...Ms Gibbons, who joined the school in August, asked a seven-year-old girl to bring in her teddy bear and asked the class to pick names for it, he said. "They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Muhammad," Mr Boulos, the school's director said, adding that she then had the children vote on a name. Twenty out of the 23 children chose Muhammad as their favourite name. "This happened in September and the parents did not have a problem with it," he said.

The school has been closed until January for fear of reprisals. Fellow teachers at Khartoum's Unity High School told Reuters news agency they feared for Ms Gibbons' safety after receiving reports that men had started gathering outside the police station where she was being held...The BBC's correspondent Amber Henshaw said Ms Gibbons' punishment could be up to six months in jail, 40 lashes or a fine.

At the risk of upsetting religious sensibilities - WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING MORONS!

That bear has got more sense than these stupid and ignorant religious nuts.