Any bets on how many of these morons get killed eventually?

Protesters demand execution of 'blasphemy' teacher
Thousands of protesters wielding clubs and knives have gathered outside the Sudanese presidential palace calling for execution by firing squad of the British teacher who let her students name a teddy bear Muhammad. The protests began in Khartoum after the end of Friday prayers. Pick-up trucks carrying Sudanese demonstrators drove around the capital blaring out messages to Gillian Gibbons. Protesters shouted: "No tolerance: Execution" and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad". Hundreds of riot police were deployed to the protests in Martyr's Square, but they did not try to stop the rally.Some of the protesters, who an Associated Press reporter at the scene said numbered as many as 10,000, carried clubs, knives and axes.
Oh for the days when you could go all year without seeing the words Muslim or Muhammad in a newspaper or hear them on the radio.