Obscuring realities

Imperial denialism
...there is a way of talking about Iraq without mentioning the genocidal levels of murder there, without mentioning the death squads and the torture chambers and the corrupt autocracy behind the facade of elections, and that happens to be the way that most media commentators discuss it. In light of this, a reader or viewer might be expected to accept wholly absurd conclusions about Iraq being a 'failure' or the empire being a force for good in the world, despite the little screw-up here and there.

Similarly, one could discuss the coup in Haiti without describing the genocidaires, the French-American record of enslaving the country, the despicable crew of sweatshop owners and murderers who supported the coup, even the fact that it was a coup. One could discuss the violent repression in Haiti as an extension of aid offered by a desperate international community befuddled by the country's refusal to pull itself together. It so happens that this is how it has mostly been discussed. And so on.