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Jehovah witness Emma Gough's hubby: I blame doctors
The husband of the Jehovah’s Witness mum who died after refusing a blood transfusion because of her beliefs is blaming the hospital where she lost her life. Anthony Gough, 24, claims medical staff may have been negligent over wife Emma’s death – and legal action could follow. He has told friends Emma, 22, would have submitted to a transfusion – if it had used her own recycled blood. Anthony claims when staff brought in a blood-cell salvage machine for the procedure they were unsure how to use it.
There was no need for this woman to die. The means were available to save her life but she chose not to allow the doctors to use them so she died, end of story. But cheer up Mr Gough, you've got a thousand years of milk and honey to look forward to with Mrs G when the time comes. Me, I'm going straight to hell. Thank fuck!