Mother of All Cancellations

Company Cancels George Galloway's convention booking:
This weekend's Mother of All Talk Shows Convention (Nov 9th/10th) has had to be cancelled after the owners of the venue where it was to take place pulled the plug with only three days to go. George Galloway MP is now suing the company which owns the Globe Theatre, where the convention was booked, after the theatre owners sent an email  unilaterally cancelling the event. The Globe Theatre is one of Blackpool's best-known spots. The theatre is owned by Blackpool Pleasure Beach Limited a company which, it has now emerged, is a substantial donor to the Conservative party. The original agreement and the contract were signed several weeks ago. A substantial deposit was also paid.The theatre management could not have been more obliging until late on Monday evening (Nov 5th) an email was sent by the Globe's Blackpool Director, David Cam, cancelling the booking...

"We're now trying desperately to reach everyone who booked - some of whom are already on the road, including a couple in a motorcycle sidecar combination - to apologise that it won't now take place this weekend and vowing that I will sue the rectum off Cam," said George. "And I'm not a man who loses legal actions. I am mad and I will get even on behalf of everyone."