Web 4.0

Blogging is Dead; Long Live Blogging
If Web 2.0 is the rounded corners and the Internet as a platform, and Web 3.0 is seamless integration of the various tools built on the platform, Web 4.0 must be algorithmic incorporation of that data into something useful.

Let me paint a picture.

I’m updating my daily activities with regularity on Twitter. I’ve got the TV going on the side, occasionally tagging bits of shows. I’m listening to podcasts. I’m making podcasts. I’m commenting on blogs. I’m writing my own blog posts. I’m sharing items in my feed reader. All of these things generate some sort of XML/RSS stream. A Tumblr/Lifestream/Mini-Feed style service combines this all into a single feed of some kind.

Then that feed gets shoved into a service that is able to sort items by topic, and aggregate them by tag, and provide those who still wish to provide substantive commentary topics and starting points to blog. Some of the article could even be partially pre-written, leaving me with the fun part, writing the analysis (instead of retracing my steps of research and info-gathering to support a point). This mythical thing has the ability to go back in my archives and analyze my writing style (in theory), so it should be able to piece these starter blog posts together using my vernacular, and pull the bits of ideas, tags, media, and such that I’ve consumed and organized for the day and group them.