Blogfeed enema

I'm having a radical and ruthless clear out of my RSS newsfeeds. There are so many that just have to go. If they don't bore me rigid they irritate the fuck out of me and I find myself wondering what the hell I'm doing reading these moron's long-winded fourth-rate political rants.

I would avoid most of the people I'm referring to like the plague in real life. Pub bores, barrack-room lawyers, know-alls, armchair generals, sad losers without proper jobs who haven't been laid in years - you know the type.  But give 'em a Blogger template and a catchy name and suddenly they become 'incredibly interesting'. Well not to me they don't and life is too damn short to waste my time reading their drivel any longer.

I pruned my reader a little while back but I've still got well over 600 feeds. This time I'm going to limit myself to 100 blogs and 100 mainstream sites. I'll still end up reading more through following links but at least they won't be clogging up my NetNewsWire.

Ah, I'm feeling better already.

UPDATE: An interesting observation. The vast majority of the blogs I'm dumping are hosted on Blogspot.