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Norfolk Blogger: Pull the other one
A boy in Norfolk will not be allowed to keep £44,000 in cash he was sent in a Playstation 2 box he bought off ebay. The police ahve returned it to the Pakistani businessman concerned.
There was never any possibility of the boy keeping the dough. He didn't 'find' it and it was a simple matter to trace the owner. Just what the businessman was doing with £44k in cash (65,000 euros) lying around in a game box is a matter for speculation and, apparently, further investigations by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

More fool the kid's parents for taking the cash to the police. As soon as I heard the original story I thought - drugs!  And if not drugs some other dodgy dealings. I would have kept the cash but contacted the sender to complain that my Playstation hadn't arrived! I wouldn't want a carload of Asian 'businessmen' turning up at my house to demand their cash back. Yes, indeed, I would have got increasingly indignant. 'Where's my fucking Playstation!'. 'If you don't sort this out I'm going to the police' etc, etc. Fortunately, I'm a consumate liar. I'm not saying I'm proud of that fact but if the good lord has seen fit to bestow a talent it would be a sin not to make use of it, no?

If it had been the life savings of a little old lady we would soon have heard about it and I would have returned the money, of course, unless some philanthropic person turned up in the meantime to reimburse the poor old dear...mmm, dilemma.