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Disney has final word on Randy's Last Lecture
It was billed as a "Last Lecture", a chance for a world expert in computer science who had just learnt he had only months to live to share his lessons on life with 400 students and colleagues.
But Randy Pausch's inspiring, upbeat and often humorous talk rapidly became an internet sensation. Video clips of his hour-long tour de force - punctuated by laughter, applause and ovations from the audience - have been viewed by more than six million people worldwide.

Randy Pausch with his family, Disney has final word on Randy's Last Lecture Randy Pausch makes his final lecture upbeat Now it turns out that the lecture will not be the final public words of the 47-year old academic, who is dying of pancreatic cancer. Hyperion, Walt Disney's publishing wing, is understood to have agreed a $6.75 million (£3.3 million) deal to publish "The Last Lecture" by Prof Pausch and Jeff Zaslow, the Wall Street Journal reporter who first brought the September address at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to public attention.
The Telegraph links to a 3 minute video it has made of the story. It has links so that you can email or print this story. It has links so you can send the story to Digg, Reddit, Newsvine and other sites. But what doesn't it have?

A link to the publicly available video of the speech itself. No doubt because some lawyer for the paper with his head up his arse decided there might be a slight chance of legal repercussions somewhere down the line so just to be on the safe side...


Here's the video. Enjoy: