Justin-it for the cash

I pay a man for regular sex
My ex-husband and I had a great sex life, so when our marriage ended, I decided to go online and see if anyone out there could fill the gap. (sic) I found a huge number of websites and adverts offering a wide range of services. In the end I found Justin. He costs £200 for an hour, £270 for three hours and £600 for overnight – and every penny is well spent. Our first encounter was nerve-racking and my main worry was that I might not find him attractive, although I definitely went out with sex on my mind. I booked into a hotel and spent ages getting ready, then Justin came to collect me and we went out to dinner. He’s very good-looking and extremely fit, so despite my nerves there was an instant spark and we had a great time. He makes me feel that I’m the centre of attention, he’s very protective and caring, we have a laugh and a chat and the sex gets better and better. He always makes it special with candles and things. How many men would still be doing that after three years in an ordinary relationship? (emphasis mine)
Candles? Listen sweetheart, at £600 a go I'd light the room up like a fucking Christmas tree if you wanted.