"There's more to boxing than hitting.

There's not getting hit, for instance."**

Boxing | Hatton v Mayweather build-up

I used to be a great fan of boxing. I remember getting up in the early hours to listen, with my father, to Eamonn Andrews commentating on the first Liston vs Clay (Ali) fight in 1964. There was an electric atmosphere that night listening to the fight on an old Sobell valve radio.

I think the last 'live' fight I saw was 'The Rumble in the Jungle' in 1974. The incredible match between Ali and Foreman which Ali won with the help, according to some, of 'loose ropes'. I saw it in a cinema in London via satellite.

I'm not one for predictions but my gut feeling is that Hatton will do his best tonight but be outclassed by the bigger guy. But I wouldn't put money on it.

**George Foreman
UPDATE: 5-25am Hatton is on the receiving end of a boxing lesson and getting hammered in the process. Mayweather is in a different class. If Hatton hangs on for the full 12 rounds he'll have done well....Spoke too soon...The fight is stopped in the tenth at the same time as Hatton's corner throws the towel in. A brave attempt but outclassed and outboxed by a world-class welterweight. Stepping up a weight division proved too much for him.