Casing the joints

Labour's new energy inspectors WON'T have criminal records checked
Energy inspectors brought in for the new property sales packs will not be regulated with criminal record checks - sparking fears that homeowners will be at risk from potential burglars.

In six weeks, anyone selling their home will be legally obliged to supply buyers with a property information pack, which will include an energy-performance certificate awarded by a new army of inspectors. The Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) will have to be given access to every room in the house - but the Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC) has still not formally chosen which organisations will keep a check on their backgrounds. And disturbingly, even once the organisations, called 'accreditation bodies', are set up they will not be permitted under law to contact the Criminal Records Bureau.
Meanwhile, my wife has just received her THIRD certificate in less than eight months following yet another enhanced criminal records check, each one carried out by exactly the same people for different organisations. Should she be asked to become a member of yet another committee or organisation next week she will then have to go through the same process yet again. Ironically she was actually the person in charge of the criminal records register in Kent for years,  a very minor part of her job there. Oh, and she no longer deals directly with members of the public. You have to laugh.