Slow feeds and telegenic bloggers (not)

Work on new servers at Blinklist and a slowed down Feeddigest are both conspiring to drag down loading times here this evening.  I can't add new links until the new BL servers are onstream so I'll go and read a book or maybe I'll watch some bloggers at 18 Doughty Street...

Mmmm, I've just logged on to 18DS and it's not a pretty sight. Why do bloggers ever agree to appear in front of the camera? No good can possibly come of it.

Last night I watched a re-run of an 18DS blog programme which  featured a 'prominent blogger' .  He sometimes likes to come over as aggressive and macho and even I found myself on the receiving end of some vaguely threatening remarks from him once in a blog comment thread, but there he was sitting on the sofa at 18 Doughty Street, a short, puny, overactive, overgrown schoolboy with a bad haircut. Ha! All I'd have to do to shut him up is sit on him. Complete collapse of credibility.

So, to all you bloggers out there I say this - if you look like a twat/wimp/tosser/geek/sad-loser, take my advice - stay off the telly!

The camera is unforgiving.

Oh, and it's also incredibly boring. A selection of class A drugs would improve the debates no end. But I've given up drugs so that's that.