Beyond Bullshit

Edward de Bono, father of lateral thinking

NO! He didn't invent 'lateral thinking' he just came up with a catchy name for a process that has been going on since men could think. (And living off it ever since). He also came up with 'po' a word 'beyond yes and no'. Yeah right. That really caught on didn't it?
Many of his critics dismiss his books and seminars as "psychobabble" or claim De Bono simply states the obvious. But the 73-year-old shrugs this off. "When people say this I ask, 'Do you understand these concepts?', and usually the answer is no. If you can see things differently, you can make a big difference. Furthermore, the practical research and results are there. You can't deny it." Arguing with him over this would be pointless since De Bono does not believe in arguments. "They are the most crude way of getting a solution,"

...Many prominent artists from the music world, such as the Eurythmics and Pet Shop Boys, have said their work has benefited from De Bono's thinking.
Well, say no more squire. Annie Lennox and the Pet Shop Boys? Boy oh boy. Send me my six thinking hats ( 73/8 ) by return of post, my cheque is enclosed.