Eye eye

I've fallen behind with my Interwebbytechstuff page updates. There's new stuff cropping up all over and I really must knuckle down and list some of it. I'll get cracking tomorrow.

In the meantime check out Jeteye. This is a glorified bookmarking service that lets you 'drag and drop any content from anywhere on the web' to form collections called 'Jetpacks'. There are similar services out there such as Squidoo, Backpack, Trailfire and others but Jeteye does seem to be the simplest and quickest way to create a collection of varied content and make it publicly available either by email or at a unique url.

Although it has been around for a while it's still not a slick as it could be. I use the Firefox Jeteye extension which makes adding content to a new jetpack fairly easy, but it can still be a bit hit and miss. When it works well it's a great little tool. The best way to explain what it does is to check out a 'Jetpack'.

Take a look at  this simple Jetpack I put together a couple of days ago. It consists of the three posts from Tom Paine at The Last Ditch on 'What is the point of blogging?'  All nicely collected in a single page which can be bookmarked or emailed. The links and images are all kept intact  and the whole thing is formatted in a very readable style.

If, like me, you are an inveterate 'clipper and snipper' of interesting bits and pieces, Jeteye could be just the thing to help you scrapbook them into themes or categories. 

I have to say though that the new service I'm really looking forward to trying is Plum, which should come on stream in a few weeks. It looks very slick and it has been extensively beta tested so it should hit the ground running. I think it's the one to watch.
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