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Melanie Phillips’s Diary - Bolton v the BBC

Melanie Phillips has become such a joke that it doesn't seem quite fair to keep drawing attention to her idiotic ramblings, but I will (at least until her HRT patches finally kick-in).

Read her piece about this morning's interview with Mr Pastry John Bolton (someone who cuts an even more ridiculous figure than Ms Phillips) and then play the actual Today programme interview (below) and listen to the sneering, arrogant, hateful little shit himself.
The exchange started coolly enough, so much so that for a while I thought Humphrys was for once going to conduct an interview about US foreign policy without betraying his own views. 

But then things took a sharp turn for the worse when his incredulity at what Bolton was saying — which, because it was based on truth, rationality, sense of proportion and intellectual honesty clearly struck Humphrys as utterly preposterous – prompted him to claim that America had ‘destroyed everything’ in Iraq.

Bolton told him sharply that this was totally untrue, that various Iraqi ministries had remained functioning, and that although undoubtedly America had made grievous mistakes in Iraq, that fact did not invalidate toppling Saddam in the first place. It was that point — that logically unanswerable point —which Humphrys just couldn’t get his head round.

Note to Humphreys - Bolton in NOT 'Mr Ambassador' any more!