If only he'd been impotent

Put sex pills in the dock

The most bizzare take yet, from Jan Moir, on the murdered 10th Earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley-Cooper.
The sex pills to which he was addicted should have been in the dock, too. For the earl's plight perfectly illustrates the dark side of such pills, hailed as a wonder drug by many, but just as likely to cause oceans of misery as nights of eternal pleasure. Ashley-Cooper seemed so lost to chemically powered excitements that they led, indirectly, to his death and magnified his bad behaviour. Of course, the testosterone injections and industrial amounts of alcohol didn't help either. Yet the earl ended up like a demented woodpecker, forever hammering on the doors of Cannes brothels.

At a time in life when his natural human appetite for sex should perhaps have been inching towards the downward slope on the parabola of desire, the priapic earl was plucking £1,000-a-night prostitutes from Riviera fleshpots, while drifting into an ever more dangerous and unsavoury world.

£1000 a night prostitutes eh? If only he'd been skint !