Pro what?

Irish teenager wins abortion fight
A pregnant Irish teenager won her high court battle in Dublin today to be allowed to travel to Britain to have an abortion....Previously the Irish Health Service Executive had stepped in and put the 17-year-old, who is from the eastern province of Leinster, in its care and prevented her from making the journey.

The executive prompted a legal battle by informing police that it wanted officers to stop her from travelling and wrote to the Passport Office refusing its consent for a passport....However, Mr Justice Liam McKechnie ruled today that there were no statutory or constitutional grounds for stopping her from travelling to the UK for the operation...In court last week, the executive made a U-turn and dropped its opposition to her travelling to the UK, and said it would let her go on the grounds she has consent from her mother and a judge. But the process was further protracted on Saturday when a district judge refused to give consent.

Also during the hearing, the court heard from a barrister, appointed by the state to represent the unborn child, who maintained that the foetus...had rights and was protected under the constitution. Anti-abortion protesters and a pro-choice group staged rival demonstrations outside the court.
Notice that the anti-abortion demonstrators are not referred to here as 'PRO-LIFE'.

I wonder if they had those cute images they are fond of displaying. You know, the ones of foetuses sucking their thumbs and smiling?

I bet they didn't have any images of babies with anencephaly. I wonder why not?

The foetus this woman is carrying has anencephaly, meaning most of its brain and skull will fail to form, and it will be dead within 72 hours of its birth so I suppose the use of the term 'life' as in Pro-Life, would have been stretching things somewhat. 

The 'life' of the woman who would have had to carry this, effectively moribund, child to full term and then deliver it as normal counts for nothing, of course.

Fucking bastards.