Keep your pants on!

Judge cleared of rush-hour flashing
Sir Stephen Richards, 56, who sits in the Court of Appeal as Lord Justice Richards, left the City of Westminster Magistrates' court a free man after being cleared of intentionally exposing himself to a fellow commuter twice on trains in south London last year. A panel of three magistrates, made up of Timothy Workman, the senior district judge for England and Wales and two women lay magistrates, ruled there was no independent evidence to identify him as the guilty man. Mr Workman also criticised the British Transport Police for failing to carry out a thorough investigation.
This is disturbing. The defendant was charged purely on the basis of identification evidence uncorroborated by video or any by any other witness. In addition, this woman cannot be identified, even now. Indeed she can never be identified. Had she been stabbed, kicked, and half beaten to death however she would not have been able to keep her identity a secret. Go figure.

There is a running gag in my household that if my wife is ever called to give identification evidence for the prosecution I will immediately offer myself as a witness for the defence.

I know this is sexist but fuck it, lives are at stake! Sirs, if you have ever watched a complex thriller with your wife or girlfriend aks yourself honestly. How many times will she say something like: 'But I thought he was dead'? or "He was the chief of police a minute ago, now he's the murderer' And so on. My ex-wife was convinced that a dustmen in an action movie was Paul Newman. 'But he's not in the film', I said, and if he was he wouldn't be playing a dustman would he?'.  She remained adamant. Jeeez.

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