Arise, Sir Rushdie

'Deep concern' over Rushdie attack comments

A totally cynical award of a knighthood for purely political reasons is now causing a backlash. Well who'd have thought it? Like most people I don't think what we choose to do in our country is any of Pakistan's fucking business but having said that the award to Rushdie was simply risible.

If he was a honourable man he would reject the gong, not because of what Islamists around the world are saying but because 1) he might prefer not to be seen benefiting from an outdated, class-ridden honours system and 2) because he just doesn't deserve the bloody thing anyway.

At least someone has got a bit of gumption. Joseph Corre awarded the MBE for his services to the fashion industry in the recent Queen's Birthday Honours list but he's effectively told them to shove it referring to Blair as 'morally corrupt' and saying he could not accept Blair as "someone capable of giving an honour".