Batshit crazy, psycho, loony, nutter, head-case, mad bint, overweight, greying nut-job

Descriptions of cyberstalker Felicity Jane Lowde by bloggers who were all keen for this woman to be found 'for her own good'. Tasteless 'Wanted' posters were designed to this end. 

Most of the bloggers who used this sort of language were quick to point out that the woman was mentally ill and in need of psychiatric help. I wonder what descriptions  they would have used if she had been a Jew, Black, Deaf or Lesbian.

Some of these bloggers even claim to be liberal. I wonder if they feel slightly ashamed of themselves? I doubt it.

I'm not defending this woman's behaviour but she is either ill or she isn't. If you genuinely believe she is suffering from a mental illness then it follows that she is as much a 'victim' as Rachel herself.

Where the fuck is your humanity?  She is, after all, someone's daughter, sister, aunt. I hope none of the bloggers who were quick to use the language of the tabloids one day suffers, or experiences a loved one suffering from, a mental illness. If they do I hope they won't mind other bloggers calling them 'batshit crazy psycho nut jobs'.