More cut 'n paste journalism

Viagra nation - Times Online

Remember the YOP scheme? It was customary to refer to piss poor journalism back then as being written by someone on the Youth Opportunity Scheme. I'm not sure what the modern equivalent might be but this piece of cut n' paste tosh in The Times would certainly qualify.

Since Viagra was launched, two other similar drugs, Cialis and Levitra, have been marketed by Pfizer’s competitors Eli Lilly and Bayer. The problem is, however, that away from the drug-fuelled hedonists who flock into nightclubs, the existence of this new breed of potency wonder cures has promoted the goal of penetrative sex and orgasm as the definition of “normal” sex, highlighting enormous differences between men and women. “Male sexuality is penis-centred,” said one middle-aged man who took part in a study of the emotional effects of Viagra on couples in New Zealand.

Penetrative sex and orgasm normal?! Well I never. Whatever next!

Male sexuality centred on the, erm, male sex organ? Shocking! 

Lois Rogers goes on to perpetuate the old nonsense about the 'Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm'. All I will say on this subject is this: Remember the feminist publication, 'Spare Rib'?  It relied heavily on advertising on its back pages. And what  product was advertised on those pages more than anything else? Dildos!  Great  throbbing battery-powered, vibrating dildos. 

Who needs Viagra when you've got Duracell?