Please take a ticket: You are pending miracle # 7,329,561

Parents who want God to save girl lose case
A family judge at the High Court yesterday gave the go-ahead for a seven-month-old girl, who has only one year to live, to receive a bone marrow transplant that has a 50 per cent chance of giving her a normal life, but a 10 per cent chance of killing her.He authorised the treatment even though it is opposed by the girl's deeply religious parents, who believe God will provide a miracle cure. He said that the parents are a "happily married, well educated, professional couple with a very good understanding of scientific matters". He said that in her written evidence, the mother said: "I am a Christian and both me (sic) and my husband have faith and hope that God can heal our daughter, and our conviction is that He will heal her."

Is there a waiting list for miracles? Come on God, get a fucking move on! Looks like the lumbering old NHS is going to beat you to it.