Lordy, lordy!

English like it should be spoken

'Carelessness about our beautiful language is sprouting everywhere' according to Graham Lord in The Spectator:
Nobody under the age of 40 ever uses the words ‘said’ or ‘says’ any more: it’s always ‘go’, ‘is’ or ‘went’: ‘So ’im and me goes dahn a boozer an’ ’e’s like, “Hey, man, check the babe in the corner!” an’ I go, “**** me! I’m in love,” an’ ’e went, “Hands off, man, I saw her first” so I’m like, “Too bad, man, she’s mine.”’

Yes, that's just how under 40's speak now.

What a fucking prat!

Hint: Try and get out a little more Mr Lord, preferably in the UK. (Oh, and do you still live in the south of France, by any chance?)