Doctor Eeevil

Simon Jenkins: We are offering the terrorist a megaphone for his cause
Don't panic. Stay calm. Don't play the terrorist's game. Show no fear or sense of disruption. Don't change your behaviour or way of life. Pass no laws curbing freedom. Just shrug and go about your normal business.

Omigod! Now they are doctors! Wake the prime minister, round up the Arabs and order armoured helicopters. Stop the presses and clear the schedules. The fiends from outer Asia are cunning. They could be poisoning hospital drips. They could be lacing paracetamol and putting anthrax in Elastoplast.

Declare another bomb "imminent". Surround Heathrow with tanks, fortify Wimbledon, put blast blocks round Waterloo and ack-ack guns on Parliament Hill. Raise the threat level from critical to panic. On second thoughts make that totally hysterical.

They've still got a long way to go in the evil doctor stakes.

Still, according to Peter 'reactionary and proud of it' Briffa, 'murder has long been part of the NHS':
For forty years now, ever since David Steel decided to get all sentimental about the pregnant poor, NHS doctors have been practising their homicidal skills on the nation's foetuses. It was only a matter of time before they decided to move on to the rest of us. We see this with the craving to embrace euthanasia, forcefeed ritalin on our children, and exterminate Mongolian Idiots. Death is what the NHS does.

Of course, privatisation might help. If these maniacs were forced to chase the moolah instead of acting like parasites via the taxpayer, they might be too busy trying to eke out a living to waste valuable time killing the rest of us off. After all, as we know, under capitalism it's never in the sellers' interest to kill off the consumer.
I'm no economist, but I'm absolutely certain that unrestricted abortion provided through private clinics would be quite a money spinner for doctors. But I don't think that's quite what Biffo wants. 

And Powerline (NO RELATION!!) blames the NHS.