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Guardian Film - 1000 films

Via Justin
'Our team of experts has picked what we believe is the essential 1,000 films - those that best sum up the dazzling achievement and variety of the movies. '
A few of my favourites from the list: Double Indemnity, Soylent Green, Bad Day at Black Rock, The King of Comedy, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Taking of Pelham 123 and Bagdad Cafe.

I've managed to see just 372 of the 1000 which is a bit poor really. But I rarely visit the cinema anymore. I almost always end up wanting to throttle some noisy oik behind me. But we've got an account with Amazon DVD rental and our own 'mini-cinema'. The projector produces a very good image, better than a lot of multiplexes. Not exactly Cineworld, at just 84 inches, but if you sit close enough and turn the lights down...

And we dont have to pay ten quid for a packet of Maltesers!