Any chance of another commutation Mr President?

Facing execution for driving a car
The State of Texas plans to execute Kenneth Foster Jr. August 30 for the 1996 murder of Michael LaHood Jr. What makes Foster’s case unique is that he killed no one--and the state of Texas is first to admit this. How is this possible? Texas’ Law of Parties, adopted in 1974, allows prosecutors to hold all those present legally responsible for a crime. Because Foster was driving the car carrying Mauriceo Brown the night Brown shot LaHood, prosecutors were able to try Kenneth as if he was the shooter. Texas is on track to perform its 400th execution since 1982 this summer...Texas is on track to perform its 400th execution since 1982 this summer. The case of Kenneth Foster Jr. - a Black man sent to death row for driving a car - is a testament to how rotten Texas’s machinery of death truly is.

Via Dvorak who had this to say about his link:

'Don’t anybody get hung up on the reporting source I used for this. In fact, it’s kind of interesting (and sad) that I couldn’t find a current, ‘regular’ news source that mentions this guy’s case. Guess it’s not news to execute one more poor, black guy no matter the reason.'