On the couch, with D.A.

Jews sans frontieres: Aaronovitch analyses....me (Mark Elf)

Here's a telling extract from Mark Elf's response to David Aaronovich's sloppy piece in The Jewish Chronicle - 'Anti-Zionists Should Grow Up':
David Aaronovich:

Ah yes, say some readers, we are way ahead of you. Mr Elf and Mr Greenstein are archetypal “self-haters”. They are typical Jews who hate Jews (an organisation, come to think of it, which would complete the long, self-indulgent list of Jews For or Against This or That).

They wish somehow to lose their unwanted Jewishness by currying favour with the goyische welt. They like the Nobel prizes and the comedy, but they don’t want to be associated with the big noses and loud behaviour in Waitrose.

Mark Elf:

These anti-zionist Jewish groups that state their agenda in their name are at least being more honest than those that simply say that they are Jewish as if they are Jewish community groups. And it's a long time since I've heard those stereotypes about loudness and big noses and all and why would I not want my Jewishness?

Accidentally Aaronovitch has hit on to something with this "big noses" thing. Of course we object to racist stereotypes but we are perfectly comfortable with our Jewish identity.

We believe we should be able to live as Jews wherever we find ourselves. What we are rejecting about zionism is colonial settlement, ethnic cleansing, racist laws and relentless aggression. But see how Aaronovitch resorts to antisemitic stereotypes.