Bye, bye BT

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I’ve finally lost patience with BT.
After spending weeks trying to get the issue of slow evening speeds solved BT customer service admitted defeat and gave me the Chairman’s office number to see if that might prompt BT Wholesale (the people who deal with the connection at the exchange) to actually respond to my complaints.

To cut a long story short, I discovered today that three weeks ago, long after I had begun the complaint about slow speeds, my service has been capped because I exceeded my allowance, in spite of the fact that my contract is for unlimited downloads. So, during the period when I’m moaning about slow speeds BT actually slows things down even more, then fails to inform me (or customer services) and ignores the original complaint.

Well, fuck you BT! I’m off. And after some in-depth research I’ve chosen to go with ADSL24, a partner of the highly respected telephony company Entanet.  I seriously considered the award winning Zen but they get a bit pricey for higher upload speeds and any usage over 50 gigs. There is no contract with ADSL24 so if things don’t work out moving on is not a problem.

One of the things which attracted me to ADSL24 was a faster upload speed. There was a time when upload speeds weren’t considered that important but with more and more people uploading lots of music and video files a slow 350 or 400 Kbps means a long wait to get your media online. ADSL24 offers an upload speed of 832Kbps and unthrottled download speeds which, with Fastpath activated on my line and my proximity to the local exchange should mean getting pretty close to the maximum 7.6Mbps for most of the time, with no evening slowdowns. I’ve checked out several forums and review sites and I haven’t read a bad report on ADSL24 yet.

You also get a comprehensive control panel, a massive 345GB download allowance (fully burstable) plus 200MB of webspace with PHP, a MYSQL database, 10GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and free spam/virus filtering, which isn’t too shabby really. The cost? Just under £30. (They have a range of packages from £15 to £94)

Oh, and their customer service is based in the UK  and run by  people who  are directly involved with the company, know their stuff and speak English as their first language.

UPDATE: How interesting. Since notifying BT that I’m moving my speeds have dropped even further. Now I’m getting just 1.5 megs at a time when I would have got over six. You can tell a lot about a service by the way they treat you when you cancel.